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December 17, 2018
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The Internet Training Log Options

The options were designed to allow either a full featured entry and tracking screen, or a more basic screen, giving you the user the power to choose what is important to you.

Options Screen Description

Log Options and Settings
Default Activity
This is the activity you normally train in, or want to train in. You can always change this on the fly.

Show Workout Options - Speed Play, LSD, Intervals, Hills, etc.
Checking this box will give you the option through a drop down list to specify just what kind of workout (Running, cycling, etc) it was. A bit more detail that is nice if you have a more agressive training schedule. Reminds you to vary up your workouts too. You can always change this on the fly.

Track Max / Avg Heart Rates
Checking this box will give you the option to track heart rates separately. The typical entries would be the Average Heart Rate in the run and the Maximum Heart Rate (when you get that blood pumping!). Some would claim the best way to truely judge fitness is to listen to your heart.

Track Resting Heart Rate
If some would claim the best way to truely judge fitness is to listen to your heart, some take that a bit further to include the Heart Rate when it is at peace. The lower the resting heart rate, the more fit an athelete. Measured the very first thing in the morning, even before you get up out of bed. Since this is not normally something tracked every day, and it is more advanced, we do not default this on. You can always change in the Profile-Options.

Track shoe mileage
One of our personal favorites, the Shoe Manager® will do two things - one, help you know when it is time to get a new pair of shoes and keep you training healthy, and two, manage the miles between multiple pairs of shoes. Sometimes the business of the days goes on and you forget just how long it has been until your joints and back ache... Do your body a favor, and keep them in good shoes. It will thank you for it.

Show moods, eating habits, & weather scales
These have been part of our log since the beginning. A reminder of how we workout under certain conditions, and an extra reminder to enjoy life. A little more insight into the training.

Dashboard Options and Settings
Add Quote of the Day
We love motivational quotes. If you don't mind a nice Ghandi or Einstein quote mixed in with some Bill Rodgers or Frank Shorter quote, keep it turned on. Soon we will allow you to put in your own motivational quotes!

Show running links on Dashboard
A basic set of informational running links that show up primarily on the Dashboard. Major running sites, helpful first-aid and training links, etc.

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